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David Howell, Executive Coach

David Howell

President, Howell Executive Solutions LLC

David is an accomplished executive leader with a highly successful career in the nuclear energy industry. His career spans 40 years, in all aspects of business including Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Engineering/Manufacturing serving the Nuclear industry world-wide.

His span of control and financial responsibilities have included groups as large as 2400 + employees spread over 13 countries with revenues between $1 and $2B.

David is currently the President of Howell Executive Solutions, having recently retired from Westinghouse Electric Company. Prior to his retirement, David was President, Americas Operating Region and Chief Growth Officer, Westinghouse Electric Company. In this critical role he was responsible for over $1B business including all commercial and operational activity related to profit/loss for all Westinghouse Operating plant customers in North and South America.

He provided leadership through the restructuring of Westinghouse emerging from Chapter 11 while maintaining and growing customer accounts during transition to a new Private Equity owner. He achieved order entry growth of 16% over a 3 year period including improved profitability by 17% for the overall business. He was also responsible for all US government and international affairs for the company in support of both domestic and international business and developed relations with government officials domestically and globally. Previously, David was Senior Vice President, Global Operating Plants Business, Westinghouse Electric Company.


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Discover the transformative power of working with David through our exclusive coaching programs designed for senior executives


Our exclusive Coaching Service for senior executives specializes in enhancing key leadership competencies, financial acumen, strategic vision, and goal-oriented results . David does this through the lens of Servant Leadership and works closely with senior leaders, leveraging their extensive industry experience to provide personalized guidance and development opportunities. 


Our Senior Executive Consulting Service specializes in strategic transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. David brings decades of experience in integrating acquisitions and managing the new integrated entity and has coached senior executives through complex issues providing invaluable insights and tailored strategies to maximize value creation and minimize risk. 

Project Management

Our Project Management Services are tailored to the individual project and can range from managing small business launch projects to advising Senior Executives on more complex projects to improve efficiency and seamless execution.  

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