David Howell

David is an accomplished executive leader with a highly successful career in the nuclear energy industry. His career spans 40 years, in all aspects of business including Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Engineering/Manufacturing serving the Nuclear industry world-wide. His span of control and financial responsibilities have included groups as large as 2,400+ employees spread over 13 countries with revenues in excess of $1.5B.

During this time David mentored and coached multiple levels of management and helped develop talent for over 30 years as a manager and mentor. David has practiced servant leadership and believes strongly in the principle that leading people is much different and more important than managing people.

What separates David from other more academic oriented executive coaches is that he has actually done the job and been successful. He can work with your executives and observe staff meetings, or other interactions and not only coach on behaviors, but highlight red flags and/or opportunities the leader may be missing.

David also has extensive experience working with customers, government officials and board directors to drive solutions that meet the needs of multiple constituencies.

David founded Howell Executive Solutions, having recently retired from Westinghouse Electric Company. He did this with the firm belief there is a lack of ability for key leaders to access the coaching and mentoring they need to be successful as they advance due to the demands of senior management. David fills that gap by working with Senior executives and their staff to provide real time coaching in the heat of the moment that their immediate supervisors rarely can do.